Acrygel SYNC (60g Tube) – SIGNATURE


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Acrygel SYNC (60g Tube) – SIGNATURE
ACRYGEL SYNC is a polymer based UV/LED curable nail enhancement system. A versatile system that encompasses the best properties of both gel and acrylic.

EASY FILE (Compared to Acrylics/Hard Gel)

For best results use in conjunction with ´SYNC LIQUID´. A common mistake made by techs using this type of system is the drenching of the uncured product with liquid. ´SYNC LIQUID´ is a slow evaporating solution designed to keep your brush damper for longer which ultimately helps you to work dryer, safer and more successfully as you mould SYNC into position.

Tube or Jar? This really is personal preference, some prefer the pick up from the tube whilst others prefer the familiarity of a jar and of course the ability to use every last particle of product (more often than not the remaining contents of the tube is decanted into a jar)

– Prepare the nail as you would for any enhancement system

– Apply PRIME BOND sparingly…Alternatively you may prefer to apply one of our base coats (for best results please use ´Fluid Rubber´) prior to your SYNC application. The latter is recommended for clients with flexible and weak nails

– Gently squeeze SYNC from the tube (or pick up from the jar) on to the steel end of your acrygel brush and apply on the nail approximately 2mm from the cuticle area

– Dampen your acrygel brush with ´SYNC Liquid´ before moulding to your desired shape

– Once content with your design proceed to cure SYNC for 120 seconds in your INK Lamp. For thinner layers using CLEAR you may feel as if 60 seconds is long enough…Please ignore your feeling and proceed to cure for 120 seconds. SYNC is a complex product and a full cure is key for successful results. Immediately after curing, SYNC can often feel too flexible, this will harden considerably several hours after the service. When sculpting it is always advisable to turn the hand in the lamp for 30 seconds after removing the form

– Wipe away the dispersion layer with INK Cleaner prior to finish filing

– Apply INK top coat and cure for 60 seconds (All INK top coats are suited to the product)

Removal: SYNC is manufactured using multiple EU sourced & EU compliant components in concentrations that adhere to EU cosmetics laws (CPNP registered). Some are acetone resistant and some are not resistant….So, can it be soaked off? Unfortunately not or at least not in a timescale we feel is speedy enough to classify the product as soak off. The application of a base coat underneath does help with its soakability but only really after filing down the bulk before soaking for a considerable period of time. However, as the headline reads further up the page ´EASY FILE´…this is a completely honest and accurate statement. For those of you accustomed to filing L&P or hard gels it will feel like all your Christmases have come at once.

SYNC education courses are scheduled to begin in the Autumn. All registered INK clients will receive details as soon as the course accreditation is completed.

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