Acrygel SYNC Liquid (150ml)


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Acrygel SYNC Liquid (150ml)
ACRYGEL SYNC is a polymer based UV/LED curable nail enhancement system. A versatile system that encompasses the best properties of both gel and acrylic. SYNC is a dense, high viscosity product and once applied to the nail plate it needs to be pressed/moulded into shape. SYNC Liquid is designed to aid this process whilst helping you work as dry as possible…remember we are shaping uncured product so the dryer you work the better


A common mistake made by techs using this type of system is the drenching of the uncured product with liquid. ´SYNC LIQUID´ is a slow evaporating solution designed to keep your brush damper for longer which ultimately helps you to work dryer, safer and more successfully as you mould SYNC into position

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