Acrylink Acrylic Powder – 150g (MONTREAL)



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Montreal is a traditional white, professional use only polymer designed for use with the ACRYLINK range of professional monomers. Strength, Clarity, Consistency, Adhesion & Flexibility! Montreal & Lapland are both very similar but for those of you looking for a strong white rather than an extreme white then Montreal is your girl!

Montreal can be used with….

´Miss Monomer´, our EASY slow to medium set, super maximum adhesion HEMA FREE monomer
´Mrs Monomer´, our MEDIUM set original monomer…new bottle, same sublime formula
¨Mr Monomer´, our new RAPID set monomer suited to those of you in a hurry

INK Resins: All INK powders are also designed for use with dip ´n´ buff systems

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