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THE NUDIST….was designed with 2 key applications in mind…

1) Full, ONE coat coverage (´Lord´ gel brush is recommended) – easy to apply ´drag FREE´

2) Nail art – the drawing of thin and thick lines and swirls (please use with the ´Artiste´ brush) with ease

Colour Gel Paint is a UV/LED curable hard (file off) gel with tacky layer that can be used for all kinds of applications including full coverage, stamping, foil application, lines, swirls….the list is endless. It is designed for use over iJel Hard Gel, Acrylink L&P and Jelly Hard Gel…and for nail art over our beloved iLac & xLac Gel Polishes

You have 3 superb top coat options….MEGAFLEXi NO-WIPE, Top Plus or Top Rock

Curing: Due to the incredibly high pigment content used in ´Colour Gel Paint´ we recommend a 60 second cure time with the INK LUX48 lamp or 2 full minutes under a 36w UV lamp

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