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White Lines, as the title suggests is specifically designed for lines, swirls and nail art in general. White Lines has a thicker viscosity to both Black Knight and future releases. A white colour gel paint must first and foremost be extremely densely pigmented, the problem when adding so much pigment is that it then has a very runny viscosity which for nail art would not do….hence White Lines has its own unique texture. Perfect also for French….full coverage can be obtained but as stated above this little beauty is designed more for nail art/French

White Lines Colour Gel Paint is a UV/LED curable hard (file off) gel with tacky layer that can be used for all kinds of applications including stamping, foil application, lines, swirls….the list is endless. It is designed for use over iJel Hard Gel, Acrylink L&P, Jelly Hard Gel and iLac/xLac Gel Polishes (for nail art)

You have 3 superb top coat options….MEGAFLEXi NO-WIPE, Top Plus or Top Rock

Curing: Due to the incredibly high pigment content used in ´Colour Gel Paint´ we recommend a 60 second cure time with the INK LUX48 lamp or 2 full minutes under a 36w UV lamp

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