FIT-TIPS TRIAL PACK (48 TIPS)….As this style of tip is relatively new we chose to release economic trial packs (mixed sizes) so you can see the quality, see if you like the idea and generally play before you invest your hard earned pennies into a full system. We are not traders, we are a brand, a brand that cares!

What are FIT-Tips? Fit tips are a full coverage nail tip

What are they made of? Soft Gel

How do I apply FIT-Tips? Fit tips can be applied with any INK London system, Acrygel SYNC, Flubber, SOBIAB, Acrylink, iJel

What Styles are available? Tapered Square Clear, Almond Clear and Long Ballerina

How would you market FIT-Tips? These would market perfectly as an express service, once you have mastered the technique you will be able to fit a full, perfect set in a fraction of the time it would take to sculp or traditionally tip

Do you need to file the inside of the tip? Yes! This is a very important step. Ensure that you fully file the inside of the tip, this enables your product to adhere correctly.

How are these structured for strength? The tips have an inbuilt apex. This is then filled with your product as you apply, giving you the structured needed to ensure a long-lasting nail enhancement. They also have a beautiful c-curve and a thicker free edge – meaning no need to apply gel on the underside of the free edge!

Do you need to file the tip before applying gel polish? Yes! Gently buff the tip to remove the shine

How long will these last? This will depend on your client and your application, but you should easily be getting 3 weeks.

How do you remove FIT-Tips? Depending on which product you have used to apply will depend on your removal method. For a soakable product (Flubber/Acrylink/SOBIAB) clip the length of the tip down, file the bulk off then soak with acetone in a foil wrap.

Can they be infilled? Yes of course, however if you are using a soak off product to apply it may be as quick to soak off and apply a new set. This can only be really judged once reviewing the nails upon return

Can you change the length and shape? Yes!

Will we be running courses for FIT-Tip! 100% yes, they will hopefully be available in the next couple of months

If you are still reading…our tip (if you will pardon the pun) is to take 2 trial packs to ensure you have enough for multiple sets as there are approx. 4 sizes of each per pack.

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