Fortify Strengthening Soak Off Gel – JAR (15ml)



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Fortify is designed for added strength and smoothing – use over iLac Hybrid Base Coat prior to applying iLac Colour (Cure time 30secs LUX48 LED Lamp/2Minutes 36w UVLamp).

Fortify can also be applied over iLac colour for increased strength before applying Top Coat Plus or Top Coat Rock

1) Apply/Cure iLac Base Coat 2) Apply 1 layer of Fortify (just enough for full coverage) and cure 3) You may now remove the inhibition layer with INK Cleaner if so desired, this can help to prevent shrinkage and generally makes the application of iLac colour smoother – this is an option, not a necessity 4) Proceed to apply your iLac colour coats and cure 5) Optional – if your client has a history of chipping or is maybe involved in any physical activities you can now apply 1 more thin layer of Fortify over the iLac colour 6) Apply 1 layer of Top Rock or Top Plus, cure and remove the inhibition layer

Fortify is applied over iLac base to help those with weak nails, it can also be applied over iLac colour to help protect the more heavy handed ladies x

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