i-267 Sugar Dummy – Gel Polish



i-267 Sugar Dummy – HGC iLac

Part of the ‘Sweet Shop’ Collection

iLac Gel Polish looks and applies like a traditional nail polish, providing a perfect chip-free manicure lasting up to 3 weeks.

* Easily Applied

* Lasts up to 3 weeks

* Rapid removal

* Cures under UV (120s) / LED Curable(60s)

* Use one of our Flubber bases to maximise longevity

* Cruelty Free & Vegan Friendly

* 15ml Fill

The iLac range contains ‘Hybrid’ (the original and beloved low viscosity formula), ‘HGC’ (higher gel content for extra strength) and ‘Kream’ (a highly pigmented and HEMA Free formula). At INK we are constantly adapting to market demands, for this reason we offer different options throughout the range.

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