I-MIX Gel Polish Stirrer MAX



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I will let you all in on a trade secret….during the production of iLac & xLac there is no shaking or rolling involved! From the moment the Gel polish is born it knows only one thing….STIR! Not a rapid, high revolution stir but a gentle, steady stir in order to mix thoroughly the complex blend of pigments used in the creation of each individual signature INK London Polish.

Tips: For best results please wipe the I-MIX Gel Polish Stirrer with an INK Cleaner soaked lint free wipe prior to use. Stir clockwise (ideally 15 revolutions) making sure the stirrer reaches the bottom of the bottle….why should i stir INK London Gel Polishes? You should stir ALL Gel Polishes regardless of the brand you are using for maximum results….especially those containing glitters or pearls! Whilst I-MIX is possibly the most attractive stirrer on the planet, please note it has not been placed on the planet for looks alone – this is a professional nail techs best friend!

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