iJel (50g) Clear – Builder Gel



iJel Clear – UV/LED curable hard gel (file off) by INK London designed for sculpting or for use over tips

+ Self levelling
+ A touch of flexibility to prevent chipping
+ Medium viscosity perfect for use over tips or for sculpting (building)
+ iJel is a duo-phase gel requiring no separate base gel, one less product to purchase!
+ Available in both 15g & 50g sizes

Application of iJel Hard Gel System by INK London – Sculpting

1) After thoroughly cleaning the hands of both the technician and the client proceed to disinfect your tools and workstation with INK Disinfectant Spray
2) Apply INK Cuticle Remover to the cuticle area on each finger and after 30 seconds proceed to push away the dead skin from each nail
3) Very lightly (very) buff the surface of the nail to remove any grease or dirt from each nail before thoroughly wiping down the full nail surface with INK Pre-Nail Prep
4) Apply a very thin coat of INK Prime-Bond for maximum adhesion, this will air dry in seconds
5) iJel does not require a separate base coat so the first step now is to apply a thin coat of iJel Clear Gel (please note: for this stage you can use one of iJel´s other gel colours) across the full nail surface and the form – cure under UV for 2 minutes or LED for 30 seconds
6) Proceed to build your nail according to your chosen design normally using 1 or 2 coats. iJel is self levelling so simply push the gel around the nail surface gently curing each coat for 2 minutes under UV or 60 seconds under most LED lamps (some could take longer)
7) Using INK Cleaner wipe down the nail to remove the sticky layer before filing the nail to create the chosen shape and length
8) After wiping away any dust from the nail proceed to apply 1 coat of PRO FINISH NO WIPE and cure for 2 minutes under UV or 60 seconds under LED. PRO FINISH NO WIPE is a no wipe protective top coat that gives the ultimate shiny finish and protects against yellowing
9) Add a drop of INK Cuticle Oil+Vitamins to each nail

+Cure time 2 minutes under UV or 60 seconds under INK LED lamps – When curing under LED always do a quick heat test by brushing on a very thin layer of iJel before curing, some of the more powerful LED lamps can polymerise gels too quickly causing a heating sensation….so always test!

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