iLac – Base Elevation (15ml)



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Base Elevation is a NEW, high viscosity base coat designed for use with iLac Hybrid Gel Polish

It has a much thicker consistency than the original (and beloved) Hybrid Base Coat enabling you to smooth out and perfect un-even nail plates. The ability to apply in thicker layers gives a whole host of new options that include building a small apex to give shape and definition.

The curing time remains the same as the current base…30 seconds LUX48 LED and 2 minutes UV (36w). Removal time is only marginally affected…..depending on how thick you apply Base Elevation you are looking at an increased soak off time of 10-20% (1-2 minutes longer)

When using Base Elevation to the extreme, we recommend that you cure 1 or 2 fingers at a time. Naturally, when 1 finger is curing, apply Base Elevation on the other hand so as not to waste too much time. When I say ´to the extreme´ I mean when applying thicker than is needed to just smooth out any imperfections. If you are feeling somewhat creative please see below for a little tip on how some techs used Base Elevation in trials….

1) After nail preparation proceed to apply 1 thin layer (as thin as you can, making sure to fully cover and cap the nail)
2) Cure for 5 seconds before placing a larger amount into the centre of the nail before nudging it around evenly, don´t worry about perfection at this stage…this will come soon! Turn your hand 180 degrees upside down in one smooth movement and count to 1, 2, 3 before turning it back again….cure for 30 seconds in the LUX48 LED Lamp

There is really no right or wrong here, my best advice to you would be to first apply only slightly thicker than you would the normal base coat until you are completely comfortable with the texture and movement of the product…..Enjoy x

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