iLac -The Pink Star (i-244) – (HGC) Gel Polish



The Pink Star (15ml) – Diamond Collection

The Diamond Collection brings something never before seen to the professional nail industry! We have all seen glitters and pearls, some are fab, some are just ok but they all follow the same theme. Diamond delivers a densely packed pearly/glittery effect that your eyes will struggle to comprehend. Think of it as having your own personal disco on your nails. Their effect is just as stunning under low or bright light.

Diamond has a higher gel content so removal will take a little longer. It is recommended you buff off the top coat and as much colour coat as possible, without exposing the nail plate before wrapping. After 10-15 minutes the colour will lift away nicely. You may need to re-wrap to remove any stubborn bits and gently push off the excess with an orange wood stick. If using a bonder only use sparingly, this collection is designed for endurance

Extreme Effect

HGC = Higher Gel Content

+Higher Gel Content +Longlife (Shelf Life) +Easy On +Lasts up to 4 Weeks +12 Minute Removal +Cures under LED (Minimum 36W) 60 seconds & UV 36W 120 Seconds

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