iLac – Woodland Collection



Complete “Woodland Collection” – 9x15ml

This collection contains 9 colours with inspiration take from the UK’s woodlands. From deep browns, to colbalt blues. These couldn’t be more perfect for you and your clients!

i-217 – Sweet Pea

i-218 – Maple

i-219 – Roe

i-220 – English Oak

i-221 – Hazel

i-222 – Sweet Chesnut

i-223 – Beetroot

i-224 – Bluebonnet

i-225 – Woodland Waters

HGC = Higher Gel Content

+Higher Gel Content +Longlife (Shelf Life) +Easy On +Lasts up to 4 Weeks +12 Minute Removal +Cures under LED (Minimum 36W) 60 seconds & UV 36W 120 Seconds

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