INK ADDITIONS – IVY (1g) Chameleon Holo



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INK ADDITIONS – Cosmetic Glitter & Pigments by INK London

Ivy – For best results apply over MEGAFLEXi no-wipe top coat using an eyeshadow applicator (rub in well). Once finished use a lint free wipe to buff over the top to remove any excess dust before top coating. If using MEGAFLEXi we recommend double top coating…cure the first coat for 5 seconds, then apply the second top coat & cure fully for 1 minute in the INK LUX48 lamp or 2 minutes under 36w UV. Make sure to cap well to avoid chipping & tip wear.

For a different effect you may also apply on to the tacky layer of the colour coat, dust off any excess & double top coat. The image shows the pigment applied on to the tacky layer (image on the left) and over MEGAFLEXi no-wipe (image on the right)

YOU TUBE – copy and paste the following link to see a little demonstration on how to best apply the 5 new ADDITIONS (Heather, Iris, Ivy, Violet and Olive – the video specifically shows Iris but the procedure is the same for all)

Size – Pigment

Weight – 1gram

Please note: All glitters and pigments are produced according to current EU law and are certified as being suitable for nails and skin – All tested negative for allergic reactions

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