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JELLY PRO is a hard UV/LED curable gel! The ‘Next-Level’ Gel System

SIGNATURE PEARL – FULL COVER! An almost identical colour tone to ´iJel Signature´….SIGNATURE PEARL is the same tone as JELLY PRO Signature but with the addition of the world´s most expensive and highest grade pearls…basically the best just got better!
The only way to describe this gel is ´Signature Pearl´! The colour tone is quite simply THE best ever produced anywhere in the world…with pearl…we stake our reputation on it! Also available in the iJel series!

It is the texture of JELLY PRO that sets it apart from any other gel on the market. It has the unique benefit of being extremely high density yet also fluid at the same time. Crazy as it sounds it will also suit techs that prefer a low viscosity gel as it is so soft and simple to move around the nail plate whilst at the same time staying exactly where you place it until you want it to move…it really has its own intelligence built in!

Due to its unique texture Jelly PRO allows you to build even the longest or extreme nails in 1 move, it can be layered using different Jelly colour tones as you desire to achieve any design required. Sculpting, overlays, tips…its versatility knows no limits!

Unique Texture
Easy File – Rapid Removal
Stays exactly where placed (no movement until required) giving you maximum work time

Curing time: LUX48 LED Lamp 60 seconds – 36w UV please cure for a full 2 minutes – MEGAFLEXi, iLac Top Plus or iLac Rock Top Coat can be used with JELLY PRO (to top coat)

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