SOBIAB – Babe (15ml)



SOBIAB is a UV/LED curable base & builder gel in one. Perfect for sculpted/tipped salon length extensions and natural overlays.

SOBIAB is made in the EU exclusively, this product is not to be confused with comparable products manufactured in China. INK have been producing superior gel products now since 2013 without issue and the fact that this gel is in a bottle and not in a jar will not change that. You will not find 30-40% poor quality Hema in our products, in the case of SOBIAB you will find 1.5% of high purity Hema.

SOBIAB is not designed to replace the beloved Flubber range, she is just a much harder and stronger version.

SOBIAB like all INK cosmetic products is Cruelty Free & Vegan Friendly.

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