SOBIAB – Clear Glitter (15ml)



SOBIAB is a UV/LED curable base & builder gel in one. Perfect for sculpted/tipped salon length extensions and natural overlays.

SOBIAB was designed to be as strong and resistant as possible whilst maintaining soakable properties. The adhesive properties are like nothing before seen so if you choose to apply either 007 or Prime Bond please do so sparingly. Obviously every application method (sculp/tip/fit-tip) is unique as are your clients activities and longevity record but it is our opinion that in nearly all cases a thorough preparation and scrub using prenail prep is sufficient to assure adhesion.

SOBIAB can be soaked off (time depends upon the application process/method and thickness of application but generally 15-20 minutes) – we recommend the gel is filed down leaving a thinner layer prior to soaking.

SOBIAB whilst designed primarily to be a builder can also be used as a base for polish. If using as a base as opposed to Flubber for example we recommend a thick base (remember she is a builder so works best when applied thicker). For best results apply one thin layer and cure before applying a second thicker layer, this will also help give some definition and shape to the nail. If you are only looking to do a uber thin base layer then Flubber is your girl!

Curing times under any of the INK lamps in full power mode has been set at 90 seconds. We are constantly asked for curing times which on the surface is an easy question but in reality it is a difficult one to answer. In a thin layer 30 seconds is sufficient to cure Clear, Clear Glitter & Clear Pink. 60 seconds is ideal for Cover It, Signature, Milky Pink & Signature Glitter. 90 seconds is optimal for White & Milky White. These are our instructions based upon testing but seen as many of us apply in thicker layers and after taking into account clients that fidget there is logic in setting a standard 90 second cure time. So, to be crystal clear we are recommending 90 seconds for all colour options.

SOBIAB in comparison to similar products on the market has a low heat spike, however, each client has their own sensitivity level so it is adviseable to always do a thin layer first and make use of the low heat mode if needed before proceeding to a full cure (full power)

SOBIAB is made in the EU exclusively, this product is not to be confused with comparable products manufactured in China. INK have been producing superior gel products now since 2013 without issue and the fact that this gel is in a bottle and not in a jar will not change that. You will not find 30-40% poor quality Hema in our products, in the case of SOBIAB you will find 1.5% of high purity Hema. Our advice for nail technicians worldwide is to say No to Chinese made nail cosmetics, say No to poor education so we can all say No to allergies!

SOBIAB is not designed to replace the beloved Flubber range, she is just a much harder and stronger version.

SOBIAB like all INK cosmetic products is Cruelty Free & Vegan Friendly….Enjoy x

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