The Ultimate No Wipe Top Coat (5 Pack)




The Ultimate No Wipe is a protective, advanced shine, no wipe top coat (gel) designed for use with ALL INK systems. It has a flexibility like no other enabling it to be used over everything from gel polish to hard gel to acrylics.

Previously we had great success with Pro Finish over harder gels and acrylics and Megaflexi over xLac & iLac (certain nail types). The Ultimate brings the best features of both previous products together in one bottle whilst eliminating any negatives. Feel free to contact any of the INK educators to ask how good this really is, rarely is a product sent to such a large group of professionals and all of them concur that it is the best no wipe ever seen.

Enhanced Durability

Shine Longevity

Non Yellowing

Advanced Shine

Acetone Resistant – (this product must be buffed off)

Increased Flexibility (non-cracking)

For use over xLac, iLac, Acrylink, JELLY PRO, Gel Paint, iJel, SOBIAB, SYNC…All INK London Systems.

Cure time: The Ultimate No Wipe in any INK London lamp – for best results we are recommending a 60 second cure, as always pay particular attention to hand placement, thumbs in particular.

5 x 15ml

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