Top Flubber (3 Pack)



Rubber Top Coat: Top Flubber has been designed with ultimate strength and longevity in mind. Not only will Top Flubber provide a strong, super shiny finish – due to it’s amazing ‘Rubber’ Formula it will also help to absorb the shock from the daily ‘knocks and bangs’ that our clients subject their nails to, making this the ideal solution for those ‘heavy handed, serial chippers!’

Top Flubber has a thinner consistency compared to its partner ‘Flubber (Rubber Base)’ and application needs to be thin.

With ultimate strength and longevity comes a price, or rather compromise and this is the removal. Although Top Flubber is a soak off product, removal will take longer than you are used to with our iLac range. To speed up the process we recommend buffing the Top Flubber before removal.

When used together, Top Flubber and Flubber (Rubber Base) form the Perfect Partnership – an alliance that is unstoppable!

Top Flubber can be used over any system and the recommended cure time is 60 seconds in the following lamps: Platinum X, KOOL48, INK LUX48 LED

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