3D Colour Gel – Nail Art Cream – NEGRO (Black)


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3D Colour Gel UV/LED (Curable) Nail Art Cream is like nothing you have ever seen before…designed for use over iLac, xLac, iJel and Acrylink this gel with a cream like texture is suitable for beginners and advanced nail art design wizards.

+ Does not need to be layered in order to achieve a larger design, 1 small or 1 large layer!
+ Create designs using all 8 colour options curing only once…after applying one colour there is no need to cure immediately as this gel is extremely well behaved, it stays exactly where you put it!
+ Cure time 30 seconds (INK Lux48 Lamp), 2 Minutes 36w UV…If applying a thick layer the curing time may need to be increased accordingly
+ Each Jar contains 5 grams plus – If you think your jar isn´t full you are correct, this gel needs to rest in the jar with plenty of space
+ This is not a full cover gel ie not for painting, it is solely for use as a nail art gel perfect for creating patterns, flowers…graffiti…anything you like
+ Easy to manipulate around the nail plate due to its cream like texture, it isn´t sticky so wiping off/re-positioning is easy peasy
+ After curing you will find a very slight inhibition layer, enough for the application of pigments/glitters. Can be finished by either wiping with INK Cleaner or with a coat of iLac Top Rock. Best applied over a smooth surface so remove any inhibition layer prior to application
+ This is not a product we want you to purchase one time before leaving it in your desk drawer and never going back to it…we have all done this i am sure…like all new products it will take practice but we strongly believe that you will find it so easy to work with that it will become one of your go to products for nail art


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